is an initiative focused on helping public sector organizations through targeted Research & Development (R&D) on their active programs, contracts, vendors, and more. At a time when many organizations are against government and seek to slow progress through frivolous protests or other roadblocks, GovAdvocate, as an impartial party, seeks to defend government by better understanding the trade-offs and overall rationale concerning their decisions. By partnering with government, we seek to build goodwill and trust, and ultimately provide meaningful feedback on our R&D findings to assist the government in reducing protests, improving communication, and obtaining valuable industry solutions to serve and benefit the citizens of the United States of America. GovAdvocate is not a Federal contractor and has never received any revenue or financial compensation from any government contracts, grants, or any other type of public sector agreement.

Benefits to Government

We work with government organizations to understand their pain points, solution trade-offs, technology preferences, vendor selection factors, key priorities, timelines, and more to provide feedback and analysis for future government decision-making.

Improved Decision Making

Protected Feedback

Since GovAdvocate is not a Federal contractor, you can trust that we are not asking bait-and-switch questions for our own financial gain. As an advocate for government success, we have your best interests in mind when asking questions to better understand your environment. We also guarantee that we will never protest on any government organization, as protest reduction is a key outcome we seek to accomplish.

Lessons Learned

As a private R&D initiative, GovAdvocate is not sharing our findings with the masses. Our desire is to benefit government programs and stakeholders by obtaining new information and also sharing feedback from other lessons learned to help save time, drive internal efficiencies, and improve industry solutions.

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